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Charles Caine Inc.

The former Charles Caine Inc. (CCI) orphan Site was historically utilized as a machine shop, die-casting, and parts degreasing and painting facility. Materials used and stored on site included solvents, paint and paint residues, aerosols, acids, methylene chloride, thinners, resins and isocyanates. Investigation work completed by regulatory agencies revealed that soils and groundwater beneath the Site are contaminated with VOCs. Predominant VOCs were PCE and TCE. On November 8, 2001, the DTSC issued an Imminent and/or Substantial Endangerment Determination in order to protect the surrounding public health and the environment. NEC Group, as the DTSC contractor, designed, installed and operated and maintained an SVE at the Sites. Work included the construction of the SVE system, providing the equipment and field support for the SVE pilot testing, drilling and installation of soil vapor extraction wells and monitoring, collecting, profiling and removal of spent carbon from the sites. NEC Group has also constructed and implemented operations for a full-scale offsite groundwater remediation system to treat hexavalent chromium by injecting permanganate and circulating the groundwater through an on-site treatment facility.

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