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NEC Group Inc. ​provides environmentally sound solutions and comprehensive market-oriented engineering and remediation services. NEC Group experts provide environmental engineering and remediation services to a wide spectrum of clients both in Soil and Groundwater Remediation. NEC Group offers advanced engineering expertise to support all phases of remediation projects, from site investigation through final design and construction. Our goal is to develop permanent solutions that achieve environmental risk-based goals, minimize client future liability, and maximize every project value.

NEC Group is a California Certified Small Business which was started in May 2008. NEC Group is a California Registered Contractor with experience in the field of Environmental Engineering and Remediation.

Our Mission

Provide our Clients with the best professional service to meet their project needs; accomplish all of our projects objectives safely, professionally and efficiently; introduce innovative solutions that will benefit our clients and the environment.


Our Vision

To be one of the Nation’s Leaders in the Environmental Engineering, Remediation and Restoration field.

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